Video Video Video

Written by: Tonia Benson

Today’s Newspaper Ad! 

In today’s world, we can see the trends moving more than ever towards online marketing.  Sometimes it can feel hard to be seen over all the other noise on social media.  With politics, news, pandemics, and direct marketing salespeople cluttering our news feeds, it can be reasonably hard to be noticed.

I am here to talk to you today about video marketing, specifically live video!  During the covid pandemic several people had to be innovative when it came to marketing and doing general business.  With our stores being shut down, our customers not being able to physically come into our shops, it was all left to online websites, social media or newspaper ads.  Something we relied on and worked for us was live video.  Now, we did videos before covid shut us down, but we had to completely rely on them during that time, so we learned a couple of things.  

First I feel like a video can be so much more personal than a photo post.  In a video you can show them what you have available AND also how to use it.  

Second, excitement is contagious, the more excited you are about an item you just received (or have had a while) the more exciting it is to your customers.  Since I have been unboxing our new items live, I have heard back from people so many times that they love how excited I am about X or Y, and they knew they needed to have it.  

There is a lot of power behind suggestive selling, when you have their captive attention and they are comfortable in their own space watching your video, they can really pay attention.  Some people have anxiety about being talked to in your store, so you don’t get a chance to show them new and neat things without making them feel really uncomfortable.  Video is your chance to tell them exactly why they should buy your item.

Example:  Instead of posting a photo of your new flower shaped soap with a caption that says it’s awesome, do a video about it and tell them why it’s awesome.. This soap bar is the perfect gift for someone you have no idea what to buy.  It’s luxurious because it’s handmade with one petal at a time with the best ingredients.  You can get over 300 handwashes with every purchase.  The best part is, people don’t want to keep things in their homes anymore, minimalism is so big right now, this is the perfect gift to treat someone and make them feel very special without adding to their home.  Oh my gosh the sample smells amazing, you have to come in and smell these!  It’s also BEAUTIFUL, I’ve never seen soap this beautiful, I can absolutely imagine this on my bathroom counter or in my kitchen.  Wow, guests in my home would be really impressed seeing this when they came over…  (This just says 1000 x’s more than a photo. 

Videos all together get more attention on Facebook or Instagram feeds, but I feel like live video is even better.  It feels really scary because you literally can’t take things back once they are said online live, but your people love it.  It’s really genuine, not rehearsed, they can see you in real time talking about real items, and being your real self.  The more they feel like they are getting to know you, the more you start to feel like a friend, then they are buying from a friend instead of a corporate business or some shop owner they’ve never met.  Sometimes we can’t help it that our products cost more than big box stores, but what we have that they don’t is our personality and love for our products and carefully selecting things to be in our shops that we think the world should really see or have. These things make all the difference!  

Also if you are doing the video live instead of prerecorded, you can’t edit it, so you don’t take the time to edit it.  I used to take forever adding transitions and putting music over the top of videos and recording it three different times to get the perfect shot.  No way!  Just do it and move on.  We are too busy to spend an hour perfecting a 10 minute video for people to watch once.  Just get in there, get the information out, be excited, remember to smile and most importantly be yourself and have fun!  

If you have another second, check out this video that I posted about moss amigos.  My staff was thinking I was crazy when I wanted to sell a ball of moss in a jar of water.  However, after posting this video, we sold out of them, bought more, and sold out again!