Bridal Bouquet Contest

Where: Your own Shop or Studio

When: April 1st to April 30, 2019

Cost: FREE

Winner: The winner of this contest will receive a free 1-year Iowa Florists’ Association Membership and Social Media recognition!


1.Design a bridal bouquet of your choice in color, style and theme. Have fun and be creative. Keep in mind, the IFA board will judge your bouquet on the Principles & Elements of Design (scale, unity, balance, focal emphasis, line, depth and color).  No price, size or flower limits. Use your imagination!

2. Take at least 4 photos, 1 photo of every angle of the bouquet and email to All submissions must be made by  11:59pm, April 30, 2019

Grand Re-Branding Celebration

The Iowa Florists’ Association’s past President, Stephanie Connor celebrated the reopening of her Shop, Bates Flowers by Dzyne! Life finally slowed down for her and their wonderful team to host an Open House and reveal their new logo as well! It’s never to late for a celebration, right?

Bates Flowers by DZyne is the area’s ONLY full-service flower shop, exclusively staffing certified florists that have completed extensive floral arts schooling. Bates specializes in creating exceptionally beautiful wedding florals for your big day, at any budget. We also work closely with area funeral homes to ensure that your floral farewells are just what you had in mind for your loved one.
Bates has served the Grinnell, Iowa area since 1906, when it opened in the Bates Pharmacy across the street from our current location. Since it’s debut, we have proudly been an FTD member and have the ability to send fresh flowers and plants virtually anywhere in the world with just a few clicks on a computer. Check out our FTD website at to see FTD’s current specials and designs, and let us know what you’d like to send!

Bates Owner Stephanie Connor IMF (Iowa Master Florist) has completed her Masters in Floral Design and has served 2 terms as the President of the Iowa Florists’ Association. Connor is currently serving a term as Vice President of the National Alliance of Floral Associations, as the Director of Digital Education for the Iowa Florists’ Association , and as Past President of the Iowa Florists’ Association.

Please join the Iowa Florists’ Association in congratulating Stephanie in her on-going adventure as a Flower Shop Owner! Stephanie, we love you, we thank you for all of your hard work in our organization and we wish you nothing but health, happiness and flowers and more flowers!

Also, take a gander at Bates Flowers by Design’s Facebook page – it’s beautiful! Or better yet, go visit their Shop in lovely Grinnell!

These Hands

Post written by Education Director and Board Member Kelsey Thompson

My son recently asked me “Mom, why do your hands always hurt?” 
I explained that Mommy works with her hands all day making flowers, cutting wire and washing buckets, so they get sore and cracked and dry from working.
But it got me to thinking…

These hands have hugged brand new dads when they come in to grab flowers for their amazing wives.

These hands have cradled babies and entertained toddlers when I’ve delivered to a young mom’s house and she

These hands have held books up for children to see the pictures as I’ve read for classrooms, or demonstrated a flower technique for a local girl scout group.

These hands have clapped for area students as they do their best in sports, music, art and life.

These hands have written checks for donations and assembled gifts for auctions and gone high in the air during bidding wars at fundraising galas and community dinners.

These hands have decorated churches and homes and backyards and cars and benches and about anything else you can think of!

These hands have grasped the hands of countless beaming girls as they proudly show off their new engagement ring.

These hands text brides-to-be at all hours of the night, answering questions and easing anxieties.

These hands have pinned flowers to shaky grooms and patted emotional dads on the back and run random errands for stressed moms.

These hands have moved in a blur as they create a gift or bouquet for the husband or wife that maybe kinda forgot it was their spouses birthday or anniversary until 5:20 PM.

These hands have taken the garbage out, moved furniture and mailed letters for elderly recipients.

These hands have shoveled snow – the recipient was getting flowers because he had surgery and his hands sure couldn’t go outside and do it.

These hands and arms have given so many hugs to people receiving deliveries for so many reasons…news of a cancer diagnosis, the death of a child, passing their nursing boards, accepting a new job, etc. The sender can’t be there, but my flowers and my hands can.

These hands have held mugs of coffee and lemon bars or cookies as I just sit and chat with the lonely woman that I’m delivering to. All her family live out of town and she misses them, so these hands hold pictures of her great grandkids as she proudly tells me stories that she’s only heard over the phone or email.

These hands have held the hands of grieving families as they choose final tribute pieces for their loved ones.

These hands have carefully cleaned up gravesites and decorated them with respect and care.

These hands fold every night in prayer and thank God for my family, His blessings and the many opportunities He’s given these hands to “work” in our community.

Convention 2018

The Annual Iowa Florists’ Association Convention came and went on a sultry and sticky weekend in September. Amidst the hot day, there was lots of flower collaborating, networking, wonderful and creative designs by our lovely Tina Davis! Since pictures are worth a thousands words, we’ll just let ya’ll see for yourselves that Floral Designers are tough, and it takes way more than a warm day to keep us from doing what we love, right?

Our wonderful and talented Designer Tina Davis of Illinois made the trek to Iowa to demonstrate the art of adding personal touches to sympathy designs.

A tribute to our Hawkeye Country – a bit hit!
Golf themed set.
Congratulations to our newest ICF Graduates: Larissa and Meghan ( two of the hardest working women, we know).
Thank you so much to all our wonderful Sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without you and your generosity!
to our Vendors: Bonnett Wholsale, Dovicio Garden & Greenhouse, Spielman’s Event Services, AIFD
The Wright Touch Catering Bakeshoppe was a total hit! So many different flavors, colors, etc! Thank you, Debbie!
Thank you to the Boulevard Grille for taking good care of everyone – The food and service were superb! Everyone loved having a food truck on site ( especially the Board Members – no prep….you can’t beat that!).
– Lisa Daivs for winning the easel spray contest
– Nancy Meckel for winning free entrance into the Symposium this coming July
– Blooming Endeavors in Montezuma for winning the 1-year magazine subscription to Florists’ Review

A few last (but, not least) Thank yous to hand out!

  • Thank you to Bonnett Wholesale for sponsoring breakfast every year for the Iowa Florists’ Association. It was delicious as always.
  • Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy weekends to come network, learn, buy, eat with us all! It was a pleasure!
  • A special thank you to all the Board Members who always pitch in to make each annual Convention a success.

Hello Flower World!

Welcome to our new and updated website! Keep checking back, lots of information and articles to come. Please take a look around and let us know if you have any questions!

~ The Iowa Florists’ Association